A Long Tail

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Image of Mark Greco Long-tailed Tit

Yes I’m really happy to reveal that the next of my new pieces for ‘A Natural History’ is the one, the only ‘Long-tailed Tit’!  Being also known by names such as ‘Barrel Tit’ or ‘Bum Barrel’, the Long-tailed Tit  has got to be one of the most characterful birds indigenous to the UK.

When rediscovering them in early noughties I was amazed that I had forgotten just how remarkably exotic yet fairly common these birds are. Seeing a group of them as they acrobatically negotiate their way through the trees can only bring extra lift to any grey day!

This is just a detail but both Limited Edition Giclée Prints and Greetings Cards of the full design will be available very soon and can be pre-ordered.  If you would like to see the complete design and are interested in ordering either prints or cards then simply contact me here.

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